Secured Card Data

Take data out of cards with tokenization

What if customer card data didn’t really tell their true story? That’s what tokenization and vault storage do. Tokenization replaces real credit card numbers with tokens that don’t really mean anything to anyone other than you and us. Tokens can be used with other payments-related transactions and they work with one-time ticket or recurring/subscription payments.

Keep cards on file comfortably

If you use the same customers’ card data over-and-over again for recurring or subscription payments, say once every month, you are no doubt concerned about card data security and protection. Now you can confidently keep card data on file information for repeat use, knowing it’s safer and more secure.

Get the payments page completely out of harm’s way

People’s United Merchant Services even lets you push the whole payments page off onto us, so no card data ever touches your system. It can really change your world of PCI compliance scope and related costs, while giving your business the benefits of better-protected customers and payments.

Benefit from credit card data security:

  • Make customers and payments safer with tokenization
  • Consider letting us manage the entire pay page
  • Protect your customers; preserve your reputation
  • Potentially reduce the scope and costs associated with PCI compliance
  • Rest more easily with safer payments for you and your customers