Stand-alone or part of your existing pharmacy system, payments just as you need them. Not all pharmacies are the same. People’s United Merchant Services provides you with the choice you need to accept payments the way you need to. From stand-alone terminals to payments integrated right within an existing pharmacy system, choose a pharmacy credit card processor that lets you to do more.

Get the pharmacy payment processing you need to grow

There’s a new pharmacy on every corner and in every supermarket these days. In 2013, pharmacy and drug store sales in the US topped $236 billion (Source: US Census Bureau). Experts forecast that this number will be over $280 billion by 2017 (Source: US Census Bureau). Make sure your pharmacy grows with this trend by selecting a pharmacy merchant account provider that supports your efforts to sell more, seamlessly and safely too. A pharmacy POS system can help you with solutions from gift cards and specialized reporting, to communication with your customers. A specially designed pharmacy POS system can help you bring in more business and drive customer loyalty.

Features worth having in your pharmacy

When choosing a pharmacy credit card processor, here are a few things to look for:

  • Specialized functionality, just for pharmacies and drug stores—customizable to your needs
  • Payments integrated within your pharmacy systems
  • On-demand, detailed reporting capabilities
  • Promotional functionality that drives business such as gift cards and customer communications
  • Security protection from an all-in-one solution, such as OmniShield Assure

Take the pain out of processing pharmacy payments

When you choose People’s United Merchant Services for your pharmacy credit card processing, you’ll get:

  • Trustworthy, secure debit and credit card processing
  • Quick funding to your deposit account of choice
  • Gift and stored value cards to boost revenue and attract new customers
  • Live 24/7 phone and email support—even on holidays
  • Detailed reporting to help you track sales, pinpoint problems, and identify your best customers