Corporate Merchant

Options that help keep customers happy

Corporate life is fast. Business customers are fast too. They need more data, more reporting. To meet the demands of B2B customers you need detailed and efficient payment processing—as well as the latest payment options—to keep your business moving to the future and your customers loyal. That’s why People’s United Merchant Services has unique payment processing solutions just for corporate merchants.

Flexible, intelligent payment processing helps keep the cost of doing business low

Support business customers’ need to monitor and control spending, and accept the full range of payment options available to them—including those most important to your customers. In turn, keep the cost of doing business low through competitive rates and smart processing management. Your corporate merchant account can cover:

  • Level 2 and Level 3 processing
  • Purchase cards
  • Large ticket
  • Corporate cards

Safer and more secure is serious business

We take payments fraud and data security very seriously. Today more than ever, better protecting your business and customer data is a must-have. And, it’s even more important in business payments than it is in consumer payments with so much more reputation at stake. People’s United Merchant Services B2B payment processing solutions offer a complete protection package, including:

  • Assistance with PCI certification
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
  • Tokenization
  • The best-in-class total protection of OmniShield Assure

Easier payment processing for your business-to-business

Choosing People’s United Merchant Services for B2B credit card processing is an easy proposition. Offering you everything through to fully integrated payment software, we’ll help you begin processing payments quickly.

When you choose People’s United Merchant Services for B2B payment processing, you also get:

  • Reliable, secure credit and debit card processing
  • Live 24/7 phone and email support—even on holidays