POS Systems

POS solutions to get everything you need or so much more

POS choices

  • Terminals—all you need to serve customers at the point-of-sale
  • Integrated POS—payments processing technology built right into advanced POS systems, often designed for specific business types
  • Mobile payments—the technology you need to make mobile payments acceptance easier than a dial
  • eCommerce—smarter, faster online payments to make your store much more

Payment terminal options

POS choices

  • Verifone VX520
  • Ingenico ICT220
  • Ingenico ICT250

Smarter and safer POS payments

Whether you choose a terminal or an integrated POS system, your payments are up to date. Ready to go to accept payments from mobile devices, protected with the kind of fraud and security protection that you’d expect.

Benefits of POS systems:

  • Device, terminal, system flexibility—everything you need now and tomorrow, or just what you need today to get the sale done
  • Plenty of fraud and security protection
  • Easier integration to get your business going